Growing up on a dry-land wheat farm in Western Oklahoma provided Gerald Reimer with the basics he needed to found a successful tree nursery in Western Oregon and convinced him that, if he and his family could make a living off harsh Oklahoma farm land, nothing could hold him back once he found fertile, well-watered valley land in Oregon. College science courses helped with the necessary biology, and experience as a physician assured him that nurturing life was in his blood.

Reimer Nursery was founded in 1979 by the Reimer family - Gerald, Jo, David and Jill - when the four of us planted the first 1500 grafts on six acres of suburban land. Now, over two decades later and with the help of family and workers, Reimer Nursery grows over 100,000 grafted ornamental trees every year on 100 acres and ships across the United States and Canada.

We have made our good reputation on providing quality stock to wholesale customers. Most of our trees are dug by hand and shipped balled and burlaped (B&B). We are known for fine larger trees, specimens, and for quality smaller trees as well.

Reimer Nursery is located in the beautiful Patton Valley in Northwestern Oregon in the rain shadow of the Coast Range. We get lots of rain and, in the summer dry season, we use irrigation water from Hagg Lake, which is just over the hill. Our nursery is next door to a dairy farm and for years the dairyman spread his not-so-green manure and sludge over the land, increasing its natural fertility that is of great natural benefit to our soil.
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